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About MOMI

Mind Over Matter Instruction, Inc. is a Training & Development Consulting firm, as well as, a pool of highly-skilled and professional training consultants. We encompass a wide variety of disciplines to facilitate and design your workshops, seminars and training sessions in the mid-west region and from coast-to-coast.  Our impactful intervention/facilitation strives to deliver complex materials as easy as PI – in understandable units.

The ultimate goal of MOMI (pronounced Mommy) is to optimize the skills and abilities of a company’s most important resource –its employees. Respected among our clients and collaborative partners, as well as among ‘best-in-the workplace’ talented trainers, MOMI has cultivated an excellent training and consulting reputation.

We have been touted by clients and training partners for providing three (3) key benefits:

  • Innovative and interactive problem-centered training – proficiently delivering our clients internal and proprietary training materials
  • Effectual transfer of knowledge and a concerted follow-up that encourages the application of individual and team learning in the workplace
  • Seamless ‘team support’ of large projects such as mergers/acquisitions, new systems roll-outs and platform integrations.
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19 Years of Financial, Corporate and Educational Experience

Established: 1999
Incorporated: 2011 (Minority Owned)
Expertise:  Training & Development/Facilitation /Sourcing Professionals/ Leadership/OD
Locations:  Greater Chicagoland, IL – Greater Boston, MA

The Principal

Dr. Chears has been a sought-after independent contractor, national sourcing agent, educator, professional training consultant, and project manager for a myriad of organizations. She is an accomplished transactional and transformational leader, manager, and organizational role model with many years of corporate, higher education, and large non-profit consulting experience.  Expanding her knowledge in the area of leadership development (specifically women’s leadership), she recently conducted researched on ‘navigating implicit bias and other cultural issues inherent in the workplace.’ Thus, she earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership (2017) to complement her already diverse accumulation of skills and abilities. She is currently a Visiting Scholar at Brandeis University’s Women’s Studies Research Center (WSCR).

Dr. Chears admits to occasionally tripping over the “thin lines of demarcation between teaching and training”, yet she thrives on mixing those principles together for the benefit of employees, participants, students and all audiences.  Most importantly, Edie’s desire to assist others in reaching their highest potential and business-related goals fuels her enthusiastic perspectives about leadership, her volunteerism, and the mentoring of many groups of women and men. This desire inspired the name of her entrepreneurial concern – MOMI and her motto:  Let MOMI Fix It!


Edith Chears
President and CLO



Doctor of Philosophy – Oganizational Leadership

Masters of Arts – Human Resource Development
(T&D/Adult Theory/Design)

Bachelors of Arts – Human Resource Development

The Team

The MOMI Team consists of a pool of talented and reliable training consultants, all of whom provide the highest quality in performance and solution.  The Team has versatile skills, a minimum 10-years of experience, and can provide facilitation via: Instructor Led Training (ILT), Desk-side Support, Web-based instruction, or Virtual deliveries. They are not only individually competent performers — they also deliver a superb and seamless performance as a Team and ‘the extra pair of dedicated hands’ for large client initiatives. These talented contractors are so much more than the sum of their impressive resumes.  They are well respected members of a family and have worked side-by-side with the Principal and in tandem with each other on numerous projects. They are dedicated to the Team’s success no matter where they are assigned within the client’s footprint.  They have the tools and the talent to assist your company to the ‘next level.’